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FMF or MFM or FFM  

BiSussi 60F
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12/29/2020 10:04 am

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1/8/2021 5:00 pm


It is always useful know when you meet with a couple or have a few special friends over were you may end up sharing more than a glass of wine. What is your favorite way make love?

Having the man in the middle, make him the focus of love? Is the female gets taken heaven again and again by two men or is a FFM, where the man enters one girl and the other one is laying on her back and gets her pussy licked or fingered by the other female? Could be that you want be on your back, while he pleases you with his penis deep inside your pussy, she sits on your face and you lick every inch of her between her legs, collect every drop he just deposited a few minutes ago?

So many different activities, so many possibilities when being a part of an MFM, FMF or FFM, what is your most favorite part or which one you dream about and have not done it.

Please do comment on it below, but at least do vote

... .... [bling 0347] ... .. .. .... ... ...
I am a woman – I rank MFM on top, much better than the other two option
I am a man – MFM is for me, just love to please a woman totally with the help of another guy
I am a woman – FFM works best for me, even if you have 2 or more guys in the room;)
I am a man – Have experience with FFM, it does turn me on, but it can turn into work if both a very horny
I am a woman – FMF is what I desire the most
I am a man – FMF is what I dream about, but please read my comment below;)
Other – I rather watch and . . . . . .

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

callmerose 25F
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12/30/2020 4:13 am

I totally love licking a pussy while the man licks or fucks me.

BiSussi replies on 1/3/2021 4:55 am:
Yes, yes, for sure, but first he needs do deposit a gift ...\8 in her YUMMYNo question I love that for sure, but I also love . . . . .

Happy 2021 & many licks and ...\8 for you
Will we share a night of LOVE MAKING

Fuklikedogs 49M
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12/31/2020 6:48 pm

I’m into your gig

BiSussi replies on 1/3/2021 5:04 am:
Not sure I UNDERSTAND you GIG comment but perhaps you will let me know what you meant with it

Happy 2021 & many opportunities 2 for you ...\8 throughout the year
If you need it daily, you should be blessed with a woman to receive your gift every day

ProfessorNaught 108M
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12/31/2020 9:39 pm

Yes, there are many possibilities but what we generally see and/or experience (either way chosen) usually falls far short of the greatest potential for pleasure(s) - both individualized and shared.

Most visualized (and verbalize) the threesome in much the same way here. But these descriptions are sacrilegious by comparison to a more engaging approached.

BiSussi replies on 1/3/2021 5:16 am:
Your point is well taken :)
You are so correct, it all comes down to if it is SEX or love making

If you are in love with everyone involved, it is a heavenly experience, if it is all about SEX it is without question sacrilegious and will never provide the long lasting satisfaction which is may desired.
Many thanks for your comment, Happy 2021 & many fulfilling days in your advanced age.

ProfessorNaught 108M
1226 posts
12/31/2020 9:48 pm

    Quoting callmerose:
    I totally love licking a pussy while the man licks or fucks me.
Yeah, ya gotta love licking pussy and tasting those special juices, each one as they emerge from her soul... fetishes aside Interesting comment on your profile so I thought I'd share... There are no bounds to what you'll find on sites like these so take the time to explore writings of those that write well. Their ability to articulate will be much more insightful than the average jackass (in Chicago speak) who writes without thinking.

BiSussi replies on 1/3/2021 5:22 am:
Why are you so hard on her? We all have different skills, different strength, we are all unique, we should show who we are and not learn to do something well and our body language lacks behind. Soul and body are connected, if you bring in a manipulated brain by having learned how to write well, you, yourself may get lost between wonderful words

Tickler1269 46M  
53 posts
1/1/2021 11:32 am

All the above

BiSussi replies on 1/3/2021 5:26 am:
How can all three options be your favorite positions?
It sounds like you are into SEX and do not care about LOVE
I do hope I am wrong, as most of us women prefer LOVE any day over SEX

D_meat 60M  
8 posts
1/1/2021 1:10 pm

I love it when both womwn are horny I dont call it work I call it my dream ,,,,,I could go for days

BiSussi replies on 1/3/2021 5:37 am:
Thank you for voting, thank you for your comment
Too bad you sound so much like my first \8b
First I was his angel, the girl he was looking for all his life and he would live his wife and move in with me, make love to me all day and night, if I would only give it up. I DID and all he had to say: “Sh... you have a tight pussy, never f..... such a tight one” He showered, got dressed and went home to his wife
No hug, no kiss, no second round, left me there unsatisfied, emotionally destroyed.
Thank GOD, years later I meet my first wonderful \8b and yes, he could go for 5+ rounds a night and he opened up the door for me to truly understand men, regardless of \8 or \8b You got to listen carefully and if you do, you know if it is about ...\8 or LOVE.

lunchandconvo 50F
2810 posts
1/2/2021 12:17 pm

Well, gee...
Where are all these men who will do MFM?
I had not thought about this as I usually refer to it as a FMF regardless of position order but I do prefer FFM.

BiSussi replies on 1/3/2021 5:51 am:
Yes, yes, just look at the results, you find many men on here who love to do a MFM if they love the woman. All my boyfriends are into it, they love to please me any way possible, but all of them love to satisfy me with MFM’s
Use the search function on Dinner Contacts, look for straight men who believe in love and not SEX, of course stay away from Bi-guys, as you may find yourself without a man, half way into the night and prior to being satisfied I always like to meet very young ones, and if I fall in love with him/them, they always deliver, they always shower me with gifts ...\8 and yes, they are always eager, without exception to please me also MFM style
It comes down to openly talk about possibilities, options, desires and . . . . .

When you love someone, it is so easy, it is so natural and you will enjoy yourself, you will experience what wonderful woman God made you to be. God made us women to nurture, to love, to fall in love and to MAKE LOVE

Happy 2021 & many MFM, licks and ...\8 for you
Will we share a night of LOVE MAKING in 2021?

14208 posts
1/2/2021 4:44 pm



BiSussi replies on 1/3/2021 5:56 am:
Thank you for your vote Jack
However, you left me out in the cold with your preference; you did not indicate what your favorite position is

Many thanks for your comment, Happy 2021 & many fulfilling days throughout the year, regardless of your preference Suspect you will tell the woman you love what your favorite position is and if she loves you, she will go for it without even thinking about it for a second.

WinnieCWY 25F
1 post
1/3/2021 6:01 pm

I am a woman – I like MFM just because I want all the attention~~ does this consider selfish??

BiSussi replies on 1/4/2021 6:37 pm:
It all depends on the men
My experience is that men are always satisfied when involved in an MFM
If you limit it to one MfM only, perhaps you find men who would not be totally satisfied, but you would not be happy either with one MfM, would you, you always add some additional rounds, don’t you?
With that, nope, it is not selfish at all; we women have the right to be totally satisfied.
Receive all the gifts ...\8 man have to offer
Suspect you never had a man complain, considered you selfish, and he/they called again and again

ProfessorNaught 108M
1226 posts
1/4/2021 1:20 am

Thanks but it may have been misinterpreted - a little
Correct for most, it does comes down to sex (pretty much porn) or making love (intimacy).

But there is/are level(s) of pleasure in between that require neither the disconnection (sex) or connection (love). It's objective driven and the goals are always pleasures that touch all five senses in ways that stimulate the mind to react physically in control of the sensations - usually for sustaining but also embracing (w/o releasing spill-off).
. . .

On 'Quoting callmerose"
I'm really not sure what you may have read into my comment . . .

ProfessorNaught 108M
1226 posts
1/4/2021 1:29 am

    Quoting WinnieCWY:
    I am a woman – I like MFM just because I want all the attention~~ does this consider selfish??
Actually: Yes and No
With an emphasis on the latter "no" !

As a man or woman, the 'attention' (plus) is a valid desire rightfully explored
And as you know, it takes a certain personality to probe such naughty cognition's.

jjonsnow 39M  
9 posts
1/4/2021 7:22 am

I am a single male. I do have a number of play partner women who are and are not bi. No guarantee one would play if i were lucky enough to get an invite to play wih you. So consider me a single man.

I've said in the 2 women blog that i dont really try to say 'no' to too much in bed because hearing 'no' can kill things (my last partner was so negative). i love eatingn pussy, getting bj's, 69, masturbating and of course sex. I'd love an all day or all weekend or resort vacation fuck fest where we're all naked all the tme and my body is available on demand as yours to me etc.


BiSussi replies on 1/4/2021 7:01 pm:
OMG your friend looks very special Quite alluring, even though I can see her only from behind. You are a lucky man
Thank you for posting, thank you for sharing your pic
Why do I think not only a bi-girl gets excited when looking at you two, but also many guys who see the pic
Single men, married men, it is all good when love is involved. God made us to love
While I like swimming, sunbathing in the nude, I am not much into nude sex-resorts or f...-resorts
This is why I like Krk, it is a wonderful environment, driven by nature, harmony and love.
Does love making happen on the beach, yes indeed, unless Jutta shows up, she is into SEX and some boys follow her like dogs, but not my boyfriends
Well, JJ, were does this live us? I suspect you are way more demanding, straight into action than I am used to.
Am I wrong?
This is what I like about Dinner Contacts, you can find people who are very vanilla, some who are all about SEX and many different shades between.

Xagui55 26F
1 post
1/4/2021 7:02 pm

Looking for another girl to join me and my bf. Here’s my kik EatMyPussy1555

BiSussi replies on 1/6/2021 10:11 am:
I love Krk when on vacation but I never kik, and you know why, right?
Never had a no show, but ended up over a dozen of times with the boyfriend or hubby and no female nearby.

I am not desperate for a ...\8, I do have boyfriends who keep me happy who and also bring one or the other bi-curious or bi-girl from college with them. However, I also find some great potential friends who are into FMF or MFM or FFM on Dinner Contacts from time to time.
While I am not exclusive with my boyfriends, contrary to them I don’t fall for any tricks.

Happy 2021 to you & many ...\8

BlkCatKilla 41M
27 posts
1/6/2021 4:31 pm

FFM and my big cock and gr8 tongue can provide hours of pleasure to both. Hell, I wanna FFFM or more.

BiSussi replies on 1/8/2021 1:15 pm:
It looks like I always meet the wrong men
Never met a guy who was excellent when it comes to oral and certainly never one who could totally please me with his \8 or \8b
This is the reason why I do not meet with men anymore for a 1on1 and have boyfriends living with me It is more than an advantage if you have another love around it has nothing to do with \8\8b, you also got to love the men, otherwise it would not feel good at all !!!!

Sexynwildbiintx 47F
13 posts
1/8/2021 7:08 am

I really liked being w 2 men i knew at same time. They didnt know each other or touch each other it was all about me n i loved it.

BiSussi replies on 1/8/2021 1:28 pm:
Oh yes, I totally understand you
If you like two men, love them and they love you, they will never object to please you at the same time.
Is this not what LOVE is all about?
Being loved and made love to by 2 or more men is just the ultimate pleasure, no women should be denied.
It is just too bad that many men are attempting to dominate us, tell us what feels good for us and never understand that God made us to love, nurture, but also desire kindness, caring, love and a deep desire to receive multiple gifts ...\8, more than one man can deliver, at least a few times a week. Am I right?

gardenboy321 57M  
41574 posts
1/10/2021 9:51 am

I have yet to experience FFM, and it is #1 on my bucket list!

Thoughts from the Garden...

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 60M
3820 posts
1/12/2021 12:21 pm

My 1st preference, is a MFM 3sum, as I truely enjoy the funn better when the gal tween us is being satisfied 100%, tho will admit a 3P 4sum is even better.
Have tried FMF 3sums, I like them, BUT, guys tend to get left out of those if the gals are bi. My 1st 3sum was FMF, with twins, in my teenage days1 Yes, twins often do EVERYTHING together, and these 2 did me, and were not bi at all! What is great about a FMF3sum, is being able to serial fuck both gals, alternating tween them. But it is hard to find 2 gals willing to do that, sigh.

astonct8 40M
21 posts
1/15/2021 8:36 am

I've done MFM, FFM, MMF, MFM and there's really not much difference. It can be alot of work because while every guy wants two women, it's not like you see it on TV.
First both women HAVE to be into it, otherwise you're just managing two women with two different mindsets.
Women also being their female drama into it....the competition (her tits are bigger than mine but my legs are nicer than hers etc). Oh he's fucking her more and spending more time pleasuring her than me....all that crap makes it ALOT of work.
So yes, while it's alot of fun, I think it's important for all parties to get to know each other outside the bedroom a few times FIRST before getting in the sac.

Wifelikesextra 54M/51F
3 posts
1/15/2021 12:08 pm

We are a straight couple into mfm. Love sharing.y wife with others.

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