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Who Walks Among Us?  

DonnaChang 51F
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11/22/2020 12:22 am
Who Walks Among Us?

If there are Aliens living here, who are they? How does one spot an Alien? Where do they come from that makes Earth so appealing that they would want live here? Maybe they are the rejects of their kind and got left behind? Maybe they were too dumb to figure out their way back to the ship before it was scheduled to take off? Probably a male type that couldn't read a map and refused to ask for directions. LOL

I'm at work with nothing to do and I'm bored. This is just something that crossed my mind.

easy_going2014 54M
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11/22/2020 10:26 am

those that we don't understand are different or alien to us

maybe, if we seek to understand them, they would understand us

and, us and them would be "we"

Pink Floyd - "Us and Them"

Us (us, us, us, us) and them (them, them, them, them)
And after all we're only ordinary men
And you (you, you, you)
God only knows
It's not what we would choose (choose, choose) to do (to do, to do)
Forward he cried from the rear
And the front rank died
And the general sat
And the lines on the map
Moved from side to side
Black (black, black, black)
And blue (blue, blue)
And who knows which is which and who is who
Up (up, up, up, up)
And down (down, down, down, down)
And in the end it's only round 'n round (round, round, round)
Haven't you heard it's a battle of words
The poster bearer cried

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Good luck!!!

ezwheelz 44M  
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11/22/2020 9:52 am

I can only assume that if shape shifters are here then where ever they came from must have been worse somehow.

Perhaps they are hiding from another race of really douchie aliens hunting the shape shifters down.

Or, they may have depleted their home planet of all resources, like we are also doing at an apocalyptic rate currently.

Plus, countless other scenarios in an ever-expanding universe and potentially infinite dimensions.

Massass1963 57M
565 posts
11/22/2020 5:50 am

I think I've come across some alien profiles right here on this site!

SexToysLincoln 47M  
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11/22/2020 5:13 am


classicalrebel4 65M  
1530 posts
11/22/2020 5:04 am

I read a short story once about aliens bringing their group therapy patients here for a field trip to show that they don't have it so bad, that their lives could be worse like ours.

Please don't let me be misunderstood.

DonnaChang replies on 11/22/2020 8:42 pm:
Oh, this I find more plausible.

somcubs 62M  
36 posts
11/22/2020 4:50 am

Funny Post! there here for the water of course

PassionaKisses69 50M
118 posts
11/22/2020 3:48 am

Off subject I know.......I am a huge George Carlin Fan. He's my favorite comedian.

harbor112 61M
1354 posts
11/22/2020 2:14 am

Aliens, I don't think you'll find them on a sex site....well not the one from light years away....lol

Oh, with GPS there is no need to ask for direction any more LOL

MyBaffies 51M
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11/22/2020 1:52 am

There's one theory that the building blocks of life originated on a meteor that crash-landed on Earth a few million years ago. In which case you could argue we're all descended from "aliens".

Another theory is that the micro-organisms started to develop around hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor. Both theories are pretty plausible.

But yes, from the outside given the numbers of other habitable planets, you do wonder why other-wordly beings would want to come and visit us here.


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ltrskr 72M  
4545 posts
11/22/2020 1:46 am

In 1964 I witnessed a UFO over Austin Tx. It shut down our boat then as it passed over the freeway traffic shut down for over 25 miles! Two Texas Rangers were involved in the shut down.
My Dad always said they were coming look, but didn't want anything to do with us......LMAQ!

Paulxx001 63M
17250 posts
11/22/2020 1:15 am

Interesting thought.
I'd like to think they're music fans and are into Netflix.
More likely there are also a bunch who just like the clean air... in some parts of the land.

I saw a UFO once. Not the dots in the sky, the MOTHER ship. Huge!
Ripped across the horizon from one side to the other in seconds. Flashing lights, glowing and spinning.
I was sober. 🍷🍷😎❗❗

DonnaChang 51F
190 posts
11/22/2020 12:23 am

I know, who cares about Aliens on a so called "sex site"?

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