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Be a pal and bring a friend.  

InnateDesire 61M
31 posts
4/30/2020 7:21 pm
Be a pal and bring a friend.

I want have someone let me kiss, lick, suck, and stroke their cock. I want get cocks hard and make them cum. Let taste your load. I'd also like have cum my forehead and in my hair. I want cum streaming down my cheeks and dripping from my nose and chin too. After giving a facial, lay your cock my face and slide it around until I'm completely glazed then, squeeze your last pearl the tip of your cock and swirl it around in my ear or rub it my nipple. Hopefully, when you show my doorstep, you will have told your friends about and brought a buddy. Who doesn't like a blow job? Lay back and give your orgasm. Cast a thumbs vote for "I like blow jobs".

InnateDesire 61M
92 posts
4/30/2020 7:40 pm

As a masturbation fantasy. I'd like to...

Funtimes45503 48M
11 posts
5/10/2020 8:28 am

Sounds so hot! Would love to try!

faroutmanzone 61M  
107 posts
10/30/2021 7:31 am

Yes. I'd like to try all of these things! I'd especially like meeting the buddies.

Thanks for stopping by... it's always good to hear from you. Enjoy!

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