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como hacer cum?  

Miateylor 28F  
11 posts
5/30/2021 4:18 pm
como hacer cum?

1¿como te corres mas facil?
1 how do you cum easier?

2 ¿Quién hace cum más rápido, hombre o mujer ?
2 Who does cum faster, male or female ?

3¿que sientes cuando haces cum?
3 what do you feel when you do cum?

cuando lea sus respuestas les daré las mías y compartiré con ustedes un rico video

when I read your answers I will give you mine and share with you a rich video
practicando sexo oral
haciendo sexo oral
siento rico
siento miedo
siento pena
siento que acabo de morir y resucitar

StormForce10 77M  
1 post
9/7/2021 4:21 pm

I cum easiest when I am stoned.
That depends on who is arousing them and how they are being aroused.
I feel tremendous relaxation and peace when I cum.

Wallstreetsun 34M
1 post
11/1/2021 5:31 pm

1. I cum easiest when I'm really turned on

2. Female if your with me,

3.Complete love and separation from my body and connected with the higher power

juliabihotty 51F

11/30/2021 2:19 pm

Thanks for the poll. Cool.

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