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An Amazing Compliment  

New2Midlo 49M  
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11/21/2020 1:45 pm

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11/21/2020 2:50 pm

An Amazing Compliment

Someone from my past reached out to me recently and gave me the most genuine, if head swelling, compliment. I've previously written about her in the epic, thrilling posts The Reference Fuck, and Cum On My Tits, A Love Story. We were talking the other night and were both feeling a bit frisky, so there was a bit of phone play. I directed her to touch herself in the ways I knew she liked and said horrible things to her. The compliment came in the chat after.

She told me that I had taught her more about her body and what brings her the most pleasure than she ever could have been able to on her own.

It was certainly nice to hear, considering I can feel my skills atrophy more by the day, here in Kansas in a pandemic.

Here's hoping you're lucky enough to be learning more about your partner's body and how to pleasure him or her, this weekend.

New2Midlo 49M  
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11/21/2020 1:47 pm

Though aardvarks do eat ants — so they are technically "ant eaters" — they are a separate species from anteaters, which are found in South America.

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