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For The Love of Dog  

New2Midlo 49M  
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11/24/2020 7:07 pm

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12/13/2020 4:51 pm

For The Love of Dog

Those who've read my earlier posts know I'm a huge lover. I had dogs growing up, all the way until my marriage ended. While I haven't had a of my own for the past decade, I got my fix volunteering at the Richmond SPCA. If you've read my most recent posts, you know that I've taken in my parents' dog. Sadie is a catahoula mix and white as the driven snow, with these amazing blue eyes. My parents rescued her a few years ago and she's quite literally saved me.

And I get that I sound as though I've discovered something that was obvious everyone else and should have been obvious . That some readers are making goofy faces and saying 'Duh!'. Obviously, I'm going explain, or this would be a pointless entry.

Again, if you've read some of my more recent posts, you know I've had some incredibly challenging times with my parents, recently. Being an only , single, and in a strange land, I've been forced shoulder the burden alone. While my Iceman mask remains unmelted and I really am quite adept at dealing with things and moving on, I'd be some sort of sociopath (okay, a worse one) not feel a bit untethered, battered, and alone.

Even before my parents imploded, the solitude imposed by the pandemic had induced mild circling that ultimately leads the death spiral of mental health.

Every day, Sadie reminds me what unconditional love feels like and I've smiled more since becoming her than in the previous combined. I've never had a who wants nothing more than be close . make that easier for her, I bought her a second bed that I put in my office. Her favorite thing in the world is when I get on the floor with her, so she can snuggle and receive copious amounts of pets. She's the most affectionate I've ever had. Every time I lean down pet her, she responds as though I'd been gone for a week, even if it's only been minutes. As you can see in the picture below, she also considers my doing pushups in my gym downstairs as the perfect opportunity snuggle.

At the moment, Sadie is snoring away in her crate, a few feet from my kitchen table, where I'm typing this. And I wouldn't give her up for the world.

New2Midlo 49M  
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11/24/2020 7:09 pm

Someday, I'll figure out how to have my photos not 90 degrees off.

Beavereator2 81M  
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11/24/2020 8:23 pm

Good for you, We have taken in 8 dogs, not all at once, each had a rough start, gave the best life and care we could, each lived to old age. Plus 14 rabbits, some one dumped a male then two years later a female, they surprised us with two litters.

keithcancook 64M
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11/24/2020 8:26 pm

gotta love the dogs!

jajo696 66F  
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11/24/2020 8:38 pm

Yes....pets become family, im glad you have her to ease some of your burden,and help with the challenges that we all face in this pandemic. Those eyes...

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11/24/2020 10:37 pm

Hey, Bud.

*Good Picture Of Sadie*

Commend You For Volunteering!

I Love The Pooches, I'm An ASPCA Member.


positively4you 71F  
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11/25/2020 6:21 am

She will probably be the best female you will ever know. And a blessing in your difficult times.

EarthAngel512 99F
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12/3/2020 9:42 pm

She’s a gorgeous dog, and I’m so happy that she’s brought so much happiness to your life, especially during these times and with everything else going on in your life. I hope things have gotten a little smoother.

Who doesn’t love puppy snuggles?! I bet you’re not a bad snuggler yourself!

New2Midlo replies on 12/5/2020 3:27 pm:
I just told her you thought she was gorgeous and she wagged her tail. She makes me laugh every day and I swear she can pull off a perfect Karen facial expression. OMG, she's doing it right now!!! She's moved over the back door and is giving me the look so I'll let her out to check the world for the 26th time today.

The happiness I derive from being her daddy comes not only from the obvious, but also that she's had a pretty tough life, herself. She was rescued from the floods in Louisiana and went through a couple families (one who filed her teeth down!) before she landed with ours. Even more than the unconditional love, she's a testament to resiliency and finding happiness, even when you've been through hell.

Re: snuggling, those I snuggle with can rely on my taking the activity seriously, but I'm afraid I may be a bit out of practice.

EarthAngel512 99F
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12/5/2020 6:50 pm

She sounds so sweet! I love how animals can be so expressive, and I know some people say that's something we just want to see, but I swear I have a kitten who just likes to sit and smile at me, and my dog looks at me with his huge eyes like he's sending me messages telepathically. i haven't heard/understood any of them, but I'll let you know if I do.

It makes me so sad that someone filed down her teeth!!! That makes me so sad/angry. I hate it when I see people with monkeys who pull all of their teeth out or like put diapers on them. it's so crazy. I like her story of resilience with the ability to still love. It's very inspiring.

Who doesn't love a guy who takes snuggling seriously? I'm very good at it. Let me know if you need any pointers.

New2Midlo replies on 12/12/2020 2:06 pm:
How did I miss your comment until now?

There are days I wish Sadie would go with the telepathic communication, because she's become quite talkative over the past week. Although I may have encouraged it...just a little.

In addition to the teeth, Sadie doesn't know how to play, which pretty much confirms she's not had a great past. I'm doing my best to give her the happiest, safest home I can.

Unfortunately, she's not the first dog I've encountered who's not had the greatest environment. There are dogs I worked with at the SPCA who broke my heart. The ones that killed me were the behavioral special needs dogs that were adopted and then returned, but just a bit more shut down. There was one in particular who I knew was abused because her man issues were under control when she left, but were raging back in the shelter. There are others I refuse to talk about.

Speaking of your dog and kitty, that answers one question

Clearing my calendar for snuggling pointers

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