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Tenacity and the Subcontinent of Africa  

New2Midlo 49M  
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11/23/2020 6:02 pm

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11/24/2020 7:11 pm

Tenacity and the Subcontinent of Africa

One of the scammers called me tonight. I have to say it shocked the hell out of me, considering the tale I'd woven to them.

Backing up a week or so, I decided to bid adieu to the cast of characters from HSBC, Bank of Dubai, Interpol, the internet mistress, and 'lawyer who keeps an eye on these things'. I informed them that I was unhappy they scammed my father out of % of the family estate, but more angry at him. Because I don't tolerate such weakness, I killed my father, left my mother homeless, and took possession of the remaining (fictional) $9 million. Of course, I called them all goatfuckers one last time and noted how much their scam looked like it had been put together by idiots after a head trauma.

Did that stop them? Of course not! One of the characters, who I never did get a read on what role he played, demanded proof my father was dead and threatened to go to the authorities. I replied that someone of his stature doesn't demand anything of me, that the body was fed to the Florida alligators, and come and get me.

Internet mistress feigned outrage and told me I'd spend the rest of my life in prison. She was told to come and get me as well.

Then, there was the 'trustworthy woman' at a bank, Nevin Ali, who invited me to visit her country so that I could take the I was entitled . Fucking bankers! I asked what country I would be traveling and she replied 'Dubai'. She attached her 'official ID' as proof of her legitimacy. I'd entertained fucking with them a bit longer, but I can only pretend be so stupid. First, Dubai isn't a country and second, the ID would be a failing grade for first grade art class. I swear they used the lowest resolution bank logo in existence. Both of these I shared with the scammer. I received some bullshit reply, but it was even more of an embarrassment for them.

One nice little touch was they set up a LinkedIn profile for Nevin Ali. Unfortunately for them, it confirms there is no Nevin Ali at that bank, because she only has one connection. For those not on the platform, LinkedIn, it's almost worse than in that everyone wants connect with you, so only having one connection is a dead giveaway this person doesn't exist.

Needless say, all the emails were g mail, , or other free service.

Despite my silence, they remained undeterred; I still received a few emails today. But I'm not bothering to engage anymore.

Which leads to the phone call, which was from a number they spoofed from NJ. When I answered, it took so long for someone to speak that I thought it was a telemarketer robocall. Finally, a deep voice asked if he was speaking to me. Because I'm a kind soul, I said yes and what do you want? Speak! He identified himself as Michael (one of the cast of characters from the scam) and he wanted to speak with my father. I asked him how fucking dumb he was and what part of I killed him didn't he understand. My performance must have been convincing, because he seemed to be taken aback by my admitting to murder. So, I filled the time by asking if he sucked dic His response was an almost comical and indignant denial. (better scammers ignore such questions) No, I bet you suck a mean dick when you're not fucking goats, don't ya? I began another round of insults when he hung up.

First, I have say I expected scammers be smoother on the phone; that was apparently where they did the most manipulation with my father. But this guy was fucking Ethiopian rain man. Second, the cast of characters were all allegedly located in either the UK or the Middle East. This guy's accent placed him firmly in the subcontinent of Africa, which should shock no one.

Yep, they're tenacious little goatfuckers!

New2Midlo 49M  
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11/23/2020 6:03 pm

Come visit my country, New Jersey.

keithcancook 64M
18346 posts
11/23/2020 8:05 pm

I’d say both you guys are rather inventive…

blog on!

ManticoreEye 49M
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11/23/2020 11:18 pm

Subcontinent? Did Africa get demoted when I wasn't paying attention?

New2Midlo replies on 11/24/2020 11:21 am:
Also known as Sub-Saharan Africa or Southern Africa

positively4you 71F  
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11/24/2020 6:57 am

I love how you handle the scum. Goat fuckers, lol. I do think fighting back to them is a good thing. Mail them some monoply money.

New2Midlo replies on 11/24/2020 11:28 am:
If Ethiopian rain man would have been a bit smoother, I'd have had more opportunity to screw with them, but it's so difficult to overlook how obviously fake they are.

On a positive note, I think I finally it through their thick skulls that the well was dry. No emails since I verbally abused them. Not that it matters, as they were coming to a cutout email address that I'm about to kill.

Still not sure how many 'them' is. Could be a whole team or just a couple of people.

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