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The Promised Land Beckons  

New2Midlo 49M  
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9/3/2020 6:16 pm

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9/4/2020 7:52 am

The Promised Land Beckons

Last night, I wrote a long ass, maudlin entry about how Kansas is slowly draining the life from my soul and how hopeless I feel, now that I'll be tied here indefinitely as a result of my father's alcohol induced dementia. I was more vulnerable with it than any other entry I've written, disclosing my own mental health challenges that have resurfaced, as a result of living here. In what I thought was a clever homage to Billy Joel, it was titled "Bill, I Believe This Is Killing Me". I wanted to jump off a cliff, but remembered I was in Kansas, where there aren't any, because everything's fucking flat. Then, I stumbled upon a seed of an idea, which has grown to almost full maturity in the past 18 hours. This mostly mature idea is a plan to actually get my ass out of here, as well as the asses of my parents.

At this point, what keeps me here comes down to money. It'll take a bit of it to get the rents and myself moved. While my parents gave theirs away, they do have a fair amount locked away in the form of equity in their house. That'll be unlocked by the end of the year (hopefully) and will be under my exclusive control. My reward for going above and beyond for my parents will be to live on the East Coast again. The way I figure it, they'll want to get the fuck out of here as I do, after they've lived here for a year, so they'll agree to whatever achieves that goal. Obviously, I'll pay my fair share of the move.

And there was light at the end of the tunnel and there was much rejoicing. Guess you'll have to find some vulnerability somewhere else!

New2Midlo 49M  
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9/3/2020 6:20 pm

This is going to work...

pagancountrygirl 63F
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9/3/2020 6:37 pm

The beginnings of a plan....

Hmmmm....I know I left that wand around here somewhere!

benard69 63M/63F  
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9/3/2020 6:55 pm

Have granddaughter that moved there almost a year ago and found it wasn't the promised land like on the Wizard of Oz...lol

New2Midlo replies on 9/4/2020 7:39 am:
I usually associate Kansas with Wizard of Oz. That's where I'm located currently, and hate it.

The plan is to move back to Richmond, VA, which is an amazing city and after living there for a decade, where I've come to think of as home.

jajo696 66F  
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9/3/2020 9:11 pm

Thats a perfect plan. Make sure you research the services for dementia...as at some point you may want to access them. I do believe however, that here on the east coast the best healthcare and education can be found. Good luck with it all ~~

New2Midlo replies on 9/4/2020 7:41 am:
Good advice, thanks.

Fortunately, my father's in the early stages. Living in the same area will allow me to more closely monitor him to determine when to engage professionals.

author51 58F
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9/4/2020 12:03 am

Good luck with everything...

You can never have enough JOY in your life..


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