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The World in Two Parts  

New2Midlo 49M  
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9/10/2020 11:49 am

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11/14/2020 8:23 am

The World in Two Parts

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New2Midlo 49M  
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9/10/2020 11:50 am

Part 1
Our second date

Neither wanted to end

To your place?

Much too soon

A wine bar instead

Drinking our pinot

Flirting with abandon

Sharing lemoncello cake

Feeding each other nibbles

Frequent kisses stolen

Others be damned

My head reels

You lean into me

I hold you close

Together we melt

And the world....stops

New2Midlo 49M  
472 posts
9/10/2020 11:51 am

Part 2
Part 2

Time has passed

Our love is true

Everything I've wanted

More than I could hope

My true partner

The love of my life

You agree

Without a second thought

You have my all

Respect and adoration

Lust and admiration

All of my love

The leap of faith

True love requires

Always my greatest fear

Fast as my feet can fly

I reach the precipice

And eagerly plunge

Outside forces push

Both under tremendous stress

Our partnership strains

And then it cracks

A few days apart

Reset and renew

The love of my life

Never any doubt

When can I see you

You tell me it's over

My world ends

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