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Scared of Being Noticed  

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1/20/2022 4:03 pm
Scared of Being Noticed

Here lately i use wonder why when you posted pictures on this site that you never got any one say a word about them.
Then i saw that others posted almost the pic and they got i don't know how many responses .
Well, dawned on me that wasn't the pic was the person that you are with , you see that person doesn't want anyone know they are doing ''YOU'' so they will ''LIKE'' your pic but will not comment at all about until they dump you ,then they will say the very things you always wanted them say .
Now Men & Women keep your comments yourself cause this is my feeling on a very private subject which has nothing do with you .
I don't need any of you hitting me over the head with phy mess or your advice i do know what i am saying and You don't know my situtation at all .
And untill you walked a mile or 2 or 3 in my shoes ************ off okay
So thanks guys i know i'm ugly but really?????????????????
So thanks
AND for that guy wanted know the Queen of what ''I AM QUEEN KETURAH ''
up sir she was an African Queen .
her up you surprized at what you find.

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