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Circle of friends in one room "Finally" lol
Posted:Apr 8, 2020 10:02 am
Last Updated:Jun 3, 2020 3:54 pm

I know it sounds odd that all of my friends were indeed very well hung, "The land of huge dick" My girlfriend at the time even said her first was inches long and tried hurt her? "T" had the shortest but his thickness was a perfect fit and he would thrash with it every chance he had! Not only that but he really enjoyed watching get fucked as well which made him a lot of fun too! So he finely told "J" about doing Chris on a regular basis so now "J" wanted see what "T" was talking about thus the idea for a get together. So I arranged for Chris to bring Craig to the gym early and we could all have some fun! When we got there we had the place to ourselves as planned so into the steam room we went. I was prepped and ready for anything so I took Craig on first, he was the longest by far but the slimmest out of the bunch, if you can call 2 inches think that? lol But as sat on Craig Chis started sucking me off both "J" & "T" couldn't believe their eyes by the look on their faces? but once Chis dropped his pants and released his monster of a cock everyone took a deep breath! Now I had my ass being filled my dick sucked and I'm jacking off very nice cocks all in hopes of seeing a fountain of cum! But now my ass was being center of attention as everyone wanted a try before I got filled with cum. And as luck would have it "T" & "J" were first blow their loads than the moment everyone was waiting for? Chris's turn with me! But interestingly enough while Chris was doing me, Craig started fuck Chris in the ass and I swear that made Chris's cock ever bigger n harder and just about that time I could feel this huge flood of cum filling me up! The hot flow of ooosing deep inside felt amazing and I didn't want it end but of course we heard something or someone in the next room, luckily they were there tan so we had time for Craig's inches do again while everybody else cleaned up and split. Cum is an awesome lube! And while I was being fucked up against the wall of the steam room I noticed a face peering through the glass in the door? It was a of the guy tanning and nobody mentioned this? Oh well? Lets give him a show! After all, I am fuckinpublicxxx right? And what better way so show off but taking inches of hard cock in the ass with cum dripping out with every stroke! By the time Craig finished I was a little exhausted say the least but, it did n't look I was quite done yet?
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My next guy friend
Posted:Jun 12, 2020 7:24 am
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2020 2:59 pm

Casual sex is great yes but nobody lasts longer than 5 minutes ( I should start charging) lol But my next steady should be bold and hung! So if I want fuck in a room full of people, thell be impressed and want watch! Same thing goes if were out and about if I get horny? I want him do right there in the parking lot. Not right in the middle but off the side. I totally flush my entire system out Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and today is Friday! just so if I run across someone thats hot We can fuck with no worries. I absolutely enjoy taking it in the ass especially from someone who knows how to fuck! And the bigger ones always say the same thing, My ass creates a vacuum like suction that generates an awesome feeling that makes me a great fucking piece of ass! Ive got a nice size dick my self I'm tan trim and very good looking and know how to handle some hard cock! Ans if you are super hot and hung Ill even suck you off properly with a certain amount of hand action but i love it in the ass. A hot load being sprayed deep inside me and keeping your hard dick in me and keep fucking me filled with your juices until it goes soft. One reason why I like young, they rebound quick and keep fucking. So how many of you came? And anyone with a huge dick wanna try me? Hit me up! I will drain you of all your banana nut cream...
YIKES Caught by the cops!
Posted:Jun 7, 2020 10:35 pm
Last Updated:Jun 8, 2020 8:40 am

I had a bud "Ken" that lived about 40 miles away so hooking was a bit of a drag but he had a nice size, was good and had a huge load. Ken liked pull out right before he came shoot his wad over the outside of my opening just thrust his cock back into fuck his mess and make a bigger mess which I totally enjoy! So we started meeting in between in the canyon. (Thus why I still prep Mon, Wed. Fri. We'd go for a little hike or just fuck on the side of the road usually in the back of my truck sitting the edge of the tailgate using his SUV for cover. This went for months then one faithful day just as he was about cum (making the face) CHP drove by hung a U and came investigate. I had these baggie shorts that Ken was fucking in the leg shoved the side and was just totally splattered royal as the black n white stopped. Ken managed to get his hard dick into his pants, shirt covering his bulge, ? I was covered in cum but tried cover what I could with a shirt as the cop walked n asked if everything was ok and what was going ? Not really knowing what say? The officer took Ken to the back of his car to question him first, left him than came back to ask me a few things? By now I had a pretty good idea he knew exactly what was going on but kept cool, he was really cool about the whole thing as he was hinting/ asking / telling me he had no problem with it I could see a chub starting to form in his pant? also saw a ring on his finger and asked, his reply. Married wife pregnant and cut off, and the bulge in his pant was huge by now! Not knowing exactly what to do or say? simply asked? STD free? He was such a nice guy (hard to believe he was a cop) and loving back to back dick I lean back raised a leg and gave him a peek of my cum soaked crack and in a blink he had his dick out and wow! Average length but really thick (and I wanted it it)! So while Ken is still waiting at the backside of the cop car I've got this cops dick in me, and what seemed like a whole ten strokes he dumped his load, now I'm dipping for sure. So already having my info asked me if he could call me later? Um sure? He took off, Ken asked if that really just happen and got hard instantly and proceeded to pound my cum dripping ass (HARD) Well a day didn't go by when I had a phone call requesting to see me and I couldn't wait to feel his FAT shaft again "BAD". Over time We'd meet here n there fuck in the back of the cop car most the time but mainly Me folded over the hood. And with all the time spent having sex he actually started getting better? His fat cock working my ass had me cumming hands free which is hard to do unless your good or sporting more than 8 inches. Sometimes I would show up already done filled full of cum and he enjoyed fucking it after , cum makes the best lube! Sometimes we would make such a mess, he knew to bring a second pair of pants Fun Times!
A more recent experience out on a trail
Posted:May 25, 2020 8:01 am
Last Updated:Jun 8, 2020 8:45 am

It was a hot sunny afternoon heading up a trail on my bicycle when I decided stop and take a breather and on the trail I could see a cute guy coming down off the hill, the closer he got the more interesting he looked? Nice tan cute look and shorter than the norm shorts that looked like something was peeking out a little? As he got near I asked him if that was for me? Instantly he got a big smile his face and what was poking out got hard wow! Looking around we saw a big rock in a ravine and headed in that direction, the whole time he was grabbing and rubbing my ass which was totally turning me on knowing exactly what he had in mind! and me being completely prepped willing and able! had his dick out and fitting him with a rubber. As I turned and dropped my shorts they didnt even make it to my knees when he already had his dick deep in me! (Slightly above average but still very nice) Sorta took my breath away. Usually I need to reset/ pull out so I can get use to what's going in? but he just kept hammering away like a mad man while reaching around n tugging on my cock! All this in the heat of the day under the hot sun felt amazing! and out of the corner of my eye noticed this guy watching while jacking off with this huge penis! I mean, where did he come from? How long has he been there? Are these together? but most importantly? Is he next? I havent had back to back dick in a long time and seeing what he had in his hand, I WANTED IT!! And like that I lost it. Getting hammered from behind while getting jacked off and seeing this guy and his amazing cock I shot a huge load that felt like a ten minute orgasm but I still wanted the other guy too! When all of a sudden he shoots his load! a massive stream of shooting out and now the cock I was riding started bucking and cumming WOW what a ride! While I was trying to do my thing helping milk ever drop didn't notice the other guy disappeared just as fast as he appeared? And as fast as it all started? It was over. My new friend took off without even knowing each others name or phone number which was a total shame, he was a great fuck! That I wouldn't have mind at all to do every now n then. As far as the other guy? If by chance you see this? You can have me any which way you want! for how long as you want! I want to be covered in your cum. That truly was an impressive load and equally impressive coc
Awesome encounter second half
Posted:May 10, 2020 8:23 am
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2020 2:59 pm

Well after the Mr. tracked down, He was about 35 I was 26 at the time and agreed get a room (why we couldn't go back his place?) Once in the room he whipped his pants off and pulled mine off all the time telling me how hot n sexy and how great my ass was and needed it himself, than stuck his dick in my face (not really into sucking dick but hey?) I wanted to see if I could taste his wife on him? But before I could get in just a few licks he lifted up my legs and started to bury his nice thick cock in , glad I pre-lube lol (even today still) Hey sex happens. As he worked it in he starts muttering oh man oh fuck commenting on how great I felt and how amazing this was than started pounding! Oh wow this guy was great himself! The wife was right! He worked me with my legs on his shoulders than had me on top hammering me from below that was amazing! Than had me face down with my legs together making me tighter, thought me was going to flood my ass full of cum? but at the last second flipped me over got in a few more strokes than pulled out shot a big blast of cum on my chest and shoved his dick back in me and emptied the rest of him inside me! Telling me how amazing it was and how my ass was better that anything he's ever had before like my ass was gripping his cock and milking it while the rest was sucking the cum out of the head, he couldn't get over it saying, pussy feels great but ass fucking is so much better and he's a little to big for the wife, thou she tried she just can't take it. The main reason why she wanted to see him with another guy. So he asked if we could hookup again later, after all we had the room all night, so hell yes! This guy is a great fuck and I'm hopping down deep that maybe I'd get his wife too! So he left me with the key and still being horny as hell decided to make a couple of phone calls? and had a few friends over and the last one to come after getting the message "Big Dick Chis" The one with the 11 X 3 that loves to go second so he can suck cum out of your ass before stretching you out beyond your limit! But this time he fucked me so hard I felt like I ruptured my left nut and I'm expected to go again later? Oh well Life such as it is... Fucked silly and left in a puddle of sweat and cum
The strangest request yet! Awesome encounter
Posted:May 8, 2020 9:05 am
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2020 2:59 pm

One day I was approached by a very hot sexy woman, apparently she knows someone that I did and heard of my reputation and told me she had a fantasy of seeing her man with another guy. Looking at her I was in hoping I could have her too! So I asked to see a photo which she was all to happy to show me, she even said he was well hung and real good in bed but there was a catch? It's her fantasy not his? but she had a plan if I was willing to go along? Not knowing exactly what she had in store? I agreed "she was so fucking hot I wanted to know what she tasted like?" So I show up at her place at the exact time requested and was greeted at the door with her in this tiny little teddy n robe, all tan beautiful tits hardly being contained and no panties? Oh this was getting good! She thanked me for coming in a whisper and gestured me to be quiet so I gave her a nod and reached down to cop a feel of her sex pussy and I got a feel of how very wet she was just before she pulled away and shook her finger at me. There was faint music in the background and as she lead me to it we come around the corner into the living room there was this guy all tied up blindfolded covered with sheets and towels with his dick standing at full mass! with rope around it making it stand up and what a nice cock it was!!. Before I could even do anything this hot Manx gets down on her knees and engulfs this huge ass cock? WOW what a pro! than she straddled taking fingers and opens her beautiful pink pussy and sat on this thing and starts riding him. The whole time he keeps say that's it baby that's it, Me I don't really like the person I'm with talking too much, but he was saying all the right things. Now after a very nice show she gestures to me that it's my turn! So wanting to know what she tasted like I licked he juice off his cock and WOW she did taste good! So now I sat on his dick and sank it all the way in with her cupping my balls with a sexy tit in my face, than he lets out a "OH FUCK YEAH" I feel him trying to fuck bac He felt so amazing I was wishing he would roll over and pound into the ground right there in front of his wife but about than his started cussing his cock got real ridged and he flooded my insides full of his nut juice, the look on her face was classic! as I shot my load I noticed a look of concern? but I didn't care. A throbbing hard cock in , a beautiful woman fingering herself with a big tit in my mouth I was so done, just wish I could have climbed on her. Well a couple of day later I see this same guy in the parking lot at the store and he approaches me and I'm feeling a little nervous and he starts asking fifty questions? Now I know he knows who I am, I noticed a bulge forming in his pants and the guys acting like he was going to me right then n there? I've had aggressive before but wow! He told me how amazing I was and wanted it again and made hid wife tell him who it was, and when she told him it wasn't a girl that's when he had to know who it was! So knowing what he felt like sitting on him I really wanted to know how well he could fuck! So he offered to get a room at a hotel a few minutes way so I agreed to follow him over and when we got there... More on that next time! I still get hard thinking about it.
The second meeting with the XXL BBC
Posted:May 6, 2020 8:04 am
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2020 2:59 pm

Waking up extremely horny I decided call my new black friend in which he was really shocked hear from so we agreed meet a little later that day in turn gave me time totally prep! The whole time was thinking of that massive piece of meat inside me! So on my way out "T" just happened to stop by hoping to get a little action? I thought, why not? If you can hurry? I'd love to have a load of cum in me before going over to get brutalized by a huge black cock so I let "T" take me right next to the car. He pounded me for a few minutes and off I went to my next encounter! Once there my new friend said he was very surprised I called back? but was glad I did because he couldn't stop thinking that I was the best he ever had!! and most don't call back mostly because of his size and he fucks so hard, to get everything out of each and every session. So I had to ask? are you going to be easier on me this time? He just smiled and took out his ridged cock, just seeing took my breath away! He started to lube up as I sat back on the edge of the bed, opened my legs and he put a finger in me than shot me a big ass smile and said "YOU NAUGHTY FUCKING " Than sank his hard cock deep in me, I'm ready for anything I was so horny! To my surprise he was actually very gentle took his time penetrating with long slow strokes, going deeper n deeper than flipping me over and doing me in that position all the while my body just enjoying every minute of it being filled with cum moments ago n now being totally worked by a massive black cock that kept getting bigger n bigger the whole time going slow working that massive thing in n out of me to the point where I was about to cum! This was so fucking hot, I didn't ever want it to stop! Than like that I started to get pounded and the huge black dick was about to unload! Now I'm hanging on for dear life!! He's thrashing my fuck hole tearing me up to the point where I was begging him to cum! finally with a loud grown I could feel the expanding throbbing trunk pumping gallons of cum deep inside with each pulsating stroke and with that I began climax I came everywhere. As I tried regain my composer with a still hard black cock in , he rolls over face down and starts fucking again? But no so violently but short fast stokes just so he could erupt in one more time! After that I was sore as hell, dripping cum for days but kept hooking up with him every chance we could! We'd meet anywhere for a quickie, bathroom stalls fitting rooms nothing but good times...
XXL BBC part 2
Posted:May 2, 2020 10:22 am
Last Updated:May 4, 2020 9:19 am

He position himself over his dick looked even bigger now? The head was huge and glistening from the cum and pussy juice from the GF and started work it into my opening. As the head went in the rush and sensation flooded every sense of my body than he pulled out and lubed with KY, the first time used and "WOW" does that stuff work! He started insert hie tree limb into inch by inch nice n slow, than we got 8,9,10 inches what a rush! usually I can relax and enjoy the feeling but my mussels wouldn't my ass was clinched as he worked the entire length in . Finally he bottom! inches and as the last couple of the head of this thing anyway bottom it was like a Lego block clicking into place, perfect fit his pubs rubbing as ass, his cock deep inside and he was in total amazement that anyone could take of him and he started deep stroking . I Looked over the GF and she was still totally out of it being fucked half to death by this thing and it was about to do the same thing to me? I started sweating bullets and hyperventilating as he withdraw his entire cock and slam me repeatedly, than flipped me my side straddling one leg while holding my other in the air by now I didn't know how much more I could take? Than I'm face down and getting hammered! At least in this position I felt a little relief, than he had me squatting on the edge of the bed, what a feeling that was! I started feel like I wanted cum but couldn't, looking over and seeing my girlfriends pussy oozing cum was wondering if he was going cum again? and about then my black friend let out a loud grunt and released a full flood deep inside my ass WOW!! Felt like a gallon. And as he pulled out now I'm horny as hell so while he goes the bathroom I start climb the GF and she looks at like I was crazy and closed her legs, so I said what? You want more of him when he comes back? and she shook he head no and opened her legs and I dove into a full creampie the first! and wow it felt amazing!! I wanted hurry for her sake but than our friend came back still half hard and sank his cock back into my backside and that's it took for shoot my load, what a sensation! After that he asked if we could call again, she had interest but ? I continued having sex with the guy at least once a week. And getting him one on one and receiving his entire load? I would be dripping his cum for days...
Posted:May 2, 2020 10:22 am
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2020 2:59 pm

Finally We had arranged meet up with a collage guy of color who my girlfriend met through a friend and all went nicely until?
We knocked the door opened we walked and without any introduction but a quick hello my GF starts dig out this guys penis from his sweat pants and it starts get big "FAST" (Very Big) as she starts sucking on this thing, I'm wondering when it was going stop growing? With her enthusiasm I proceeded to peal off her pants only to find her soaking dripping wet! And slip inside her while watching a very hot show and a cock so big it can't fit into her mouth any longer. It wasn't the thickest dick I've seen but it was diffidently the longest! well over inches and over 2 inches think! So now she's pulling away from and climbing on top of this massive cock and in a blink he rolls her over and starts easing his huge cock into her now seemingly small slot in comparison? She starts bucking and screaming as he works his tool deeper n deeper. He managed to get a little over half of that gigantic cock of his in her and starts to grind and push twist, feeling a little left out I was enjoying the show! By now she's a sweaty mess, makeup running body going through convulsions and with a loud grunt he starts to cum? Nobody is allowed to cum in her, but she didn't seem to care just happy it was over, nope guess again! I starts to squeeze his massive member into her ass? You could see the panic in her eyes and she is screaming for him to stop! and as a last resort she tells him, "THAT"S WHY HE"S HERE" as she about to pass out. So he gets a big smile on his face, I take my paint off the rest of the way, sit down on the edge of the bed and open my legs and tell him "let's go"! He position himself over me and...
When the girlfriend figures out you're bi
Posted:Apr 18, 2020 9:24 am
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2020 2:59 pm

Loving sex with a nice warm squirting pussy or being stretched capacity with a huge throbbing dick and the feeling of hot cum squirting in my ass by multiple cocks and the feeling of the 3rd or 4th one's pubes loading up with all the cum getting fucked out of my ass, the feeling of that rubbing on my ass while bottoming out balls deep WOW!
But in a small town it was inevitable the girlfriend would catch wind of it all. Of course she was a little shocked at first but being the little sexpot she was would use it to her advantage! First she start with a finger and over time worked up to her arm! Getting fist fucked and sucked off was awesome! Than one night she decided she wanted to actually see me with another guy and as luck would have it, after we just had sex her brother came home drunk and she asked him if he would do me? "J" acted like it was the first time hearing about me going both ways and instantly agreed. I was already worked and drained but seeing his huge dick, made me horny all over again! So he jumped on and road me fast and hard. His sister couldn't believe her eyes as I took the entire length of his 9 inch thick raging coc She knew he had a big one but thicker than her arm? She said later she thought it was going hurt it was so big but, I laid there and seemed really enjoyed it letting out a oh fuck and a oh yes and don't stop? every now n than! She almost came again just watching, After "J" dumped his load and left, me and the girlfriend talked about it and you could see the little wheels turning inside her head? This turned out to be the perfect opportunity for her her to get more sex with just about anyone and have a chaperone and multiple partners and a hot porno show too. Crazy chic started setting up -sums left and right and with some amazing beautiful cock with the same set of rules, I got her ass and the other got her pussy! with the main rule of "nobody cums in her" but only in my ass! And after she came/squirted 3 or times she would insist on watching me get drilled and filled up by a massive hot load from a hot throbbing cock, with all her juices splashing and running down into the crack of my ass, a hot dripping cock had no problem entering me. While I got pile driven flat on my back she would straddle my face so I could tongue fuck her freshly fucked and stretched out pussy! It all started the same way with me fitting my dick into her ass after getting it wet with pussy juice while she sucked the other guys dick hard. This went on for months, we were the hottest ticket in town! Than she came up with this idea of doing a Black guy that she heard had a big long inch cock and wanted try it but really wanted see exactly what I could take? Oh sure I could take inches I prefer 8-1/2 9 personally and "thick" but ? More on what happened later... Yes I really really do enjoy a hot throbbing cock in and by all the testimony from all admissions I'm such a hot amazing and easy fuck I couldn't go anywhere with out someone asking me for sex .
The main attraction
Posted:Apr 10, 2020 8:55 am
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2020 2:59 pm

What exactly made these seemingly normal guys want have sex with another guy? I know how it started for "a horny nurse"! Playing with my ass than working with a dildo than her fist, so sure I wanted the real thing? But what was it and what was in it for them? Sure I was young, tan and fun but it appeared that once you have an understanding and had the right sex partner or people in your life they all start talk and the one thing in common was? I knew how fuck! Not only fuck but could really get the most out of sex! If you ever fucked anyone in the ass? You kinda know? But if you get someone that totally enjoys it as much as I do it's so much more enjoyable for the hard cock you're receiving! To the point to they say "that felt so good! That was the best sex I ever had"!! And as long as everyone remains cool? you keep having awesome sex with them! And others start wondering and asking than wanting in! In my case, I was looking at some magnificent cock early on that only made me want more! And the more I got? the more I wanted!! And if they didn't care that someone else was just in me and filled me with cum? it certainly didn't bother me? After all. cum is a great lubricant and I really enjoy watching pubic getting all foamy yay!! such a turn on.
So now I had 4 full time fuck buddies (ALL HUNG LIKE HORSES) a girlfriend and a ton of prospects (girls too) that were primarily straight but wanted to have a go because they all heard rumor that not only did I put out, just about anywhere any time? I was a hot fucking piece of ass that drained any cock that entered me insanely "dry" And things were just starting to heat up!.
Finally got my new super hung friend alone
Posted:Apr 6, 2020 8:57 am
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2020 2:59 pm

Not only was he fucking hung, it was so big it hurt! But I knew after time, I'd get it fit. The amazing this was though, not only was he huge he came in buckets and I love that! So I let him in and he asked if we were alone? "T" was hiding but I wasn't going say anything lol And as it turned out? He was also very naughty! he whipped out his dick and opened my robe led over the couch & started sucking cock and started eating my the cum filled hole out which only made want him deep inside ! He had climbing the walls tongue fucking & sucking the cum from my ass, and jacking off too? what a ride! Finally when I thought I couldn't take it anymore? I straddled him and again, we weren't getting very far so I ran to get some lube and "T" quietly asked if I could sit him so he could watch get fucked? & I'm thinking? if I can get that monster in even halfway I put one heck of a show sure! So I lubed that massive shaft, added a little grabbed him by the shoulders and started work that cock into my ass. The lube really helped "a lot" but his dick was just too big working a sweat like nobodies business with my hole being stretched beyond capacity and with every wiggle his cock seemed only get bigger as if that was even possible? I had about maybe half of that massive dick in when of a sudden "Chris" sits than picks sets down the couch as starts working his fucking cock in , I thought I was going split in two? By now I was whimpering and begging him cum and about then he let loose and I could feel his hot load filling so much, there had be a gallon of cum? I've never felt a load like that before? Good thing because I was about pass out. I glanced over and saw "T" giving the thumbs and knew he saw what he wanted, And as Chris's dick started go soft he could finally put all of it in and what a feeling wow! that cum, and that dick in ? & he started get hard again and started pounding deep trying encourage his cock back full mass but got tired tying, but at least we know what do next time! So after he left "T" was hard n horny & so was I so we fucked again for a few minutes before he blew his load "again" and by now I had so much cum in me, I was dripping for days lol Love big cocks but there is something as too big, but as weeks progressed I was able to handle Chris, he just had to be gentle. Next "The gang bang"
The biggest cock I've ever
Posted:Apr 3, 2020 8:42 am
Last Updated:Apr 10, 2020 9:06 am

Well becoming a cum slut with all my escapades was great but something was missing? and that was about change! And as I noticed a very big long cock in my shower stall trying entice my I slowly backed onto it and wow! That was so hot, not knowing who or why? "I had an ides" but just being brutalized by thick dicks with their cum being used as lube and now having the longest dick I've ever seen entering ? My mind was racing my heart was beating, I turned off the water than the curtain opened and it was the big blond guy! and he had his friend with him? I reached for my towel as he picked up and carried over the bench so there I was balancing myself as this guy starts making love my cream filled ass of as he called it "man pussy" I couldn't believe it? I was in the clouds this thing felt so good and when I thought it couldn't get any better his friend starts sucking on my dick and "boom" there it is (What was missing) I had my dick licked for a few seconds while being done and a little hand job as we went along but now I was getting full on head while being fucked and being fucked by fucking inches! Than my amazement he started going deeper n deeper! I've never had anything in me that deep IT FREAKED ME OUT and it hurt. But once he settled in and wasn't taking it out but just kept it buried in me I was fine with it.
Now I could see all the cum from J &T starting foam up at the base of his cock, I was so turned on that I reached over undo this other guys pants that was giving my cock a tongue job I never had what I found took my breath away! This guys dick was massive! Not only long but 3 inches thick, it had to be over inches long too but in the back of my mind, there was no way that thing was gonna fit? But I wanted to try anyway! So by now the blond was starting to cum and that rush of hot fluid pouring deep in felt amazing and his organism went on for ever and when he finally pulled out I was totally spent but wanted one more so as the blond guy went to was his cock off his buddy tried to mount and his dick was so fucking huge it hurt! I was being stretched the max! and the head of it was barely in! I was grunting moaning & groaning and couldn't ever believe what was going on? I when I thought I was about die, he pulled out and shot the biggest load that covered from head toe! And all I could think was " I would have loved to have that in " ha! but thankfully we finished in time as you started hear people in the next room, so I jumped up and hobbled back the shower rinse off as he said, "that was great lets do it again sometime" My reply? My place tomorrow!
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