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Tits or ass, baby
Posted:Mar 19, 2020 1:05 pm
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2020 1:10 pm
OK... I watch the cams. The cams on here are sometimes good. Most of the time, the problem is the person ON cam ACTUALLY does need a director. Because NOBODY wants to stare at the back of someone's head for five or ten minutes.

Let me make this perfectly clear... this is an X rated highly sexual hookup and swinger's site. This is not yahoo chat or match dot com. This is Dinner Contacts... hookup, find sex, meet someone hot. So... THERE is a clue. When you are on cam, we don't want to see your face. Okay, if you are really cute, we want to see your face AND your tits. Or your vagina or pussy... whichever term you prefer. But how many times do you switch on or click on a cam of what looks to be a very hot woman... only to see something that you can see on prime time TV... head and shoulders... and clothed at that. Of some anonymous woman. Or worse yet... there are some ugly people on here on cam... let's face it... and when they go on cam, and they have a hot body, and all they are showing is their face... it makes me wonder if their elevator goes to the top floor.

I am sure women are not happy with just seeing a guys face. If they are in the mood to masturbate, just seeing the work of your dentist for an hour ain't gonna cut it. They want to see the guy's body. Or they want to see it all. But they for damned sure don't come onto Dinner Contacts and pay 20 bucks a month to see what they can see all day long on TV or on some PG single dating site.

So girls if you are just going to show your face for three hours on here, and be cutesy and just flirt with guys and tease them... why bother turning on your cam at all?

Below are just a few of my online friends.

Censorship and American Comedy
Posted:Mar 11, 2020 9:30 am
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2020 8:57 am

You know, most comedians are sarcastic bastards. They take anyone or any subject and rip it to pieces. Because that is how Jerry Seinfeld, George Carlin, Jim Gaffigan, and Eddy Murphy and Richard Pryor make people laugh.

In this day and age of political correctness, it is damned hard to make any comments in print because it lacks the live camera emoticon aspect. You don't know they are making a funny. And its killing comedy.

No longer can you say online things like Richard Pryor or George Carlin would say... like "Man she was an ugly motherfucker." Or... "this guy or lady was SO fat that".... etc.

So in writing columns for online websites its damned near impossible to make a joke, or point something out to the rest of the boys online... because its not fucking politically correct.

Well here for one, I say FUCK political correctness. LOL
Oprah Winfrey can take her political correctness and "GEORGE CARLIN COMMENT HERE DELETED FOR POLITICAL CORRECTNESS."

This is your official notice... humor, sarcasm, and making fun of people will no longer be fucking tolerated in this country online in print, because it gives Oprah Winfrey and Nancy Pelosi fucking HIVES. LOL
If you hire pro camera people to cam online...
Posted:Mar 11, 2020 5:21 am
Last Updated:Mar 11, 2020 9:21 am

So these Columbian girls appear be all over the Live Action Member Webcams. And supposedly they are from all over.. one Columbian... self confessed... is listed as in South Korea. Nothing about her appears Asian. Matter of fact there are beautiful Columbian women and there are not beautiful Columbian women. This one was one of the latter.

Really, if you are going hire people pose as camming members, why not go for cute? And if cute is not available, how about a curvy body? And if a curvy body or cute is not available... well you know.

There are women who do not have a classic woman's body. Some women on here resemble more than women. My particular tastes are i like a woman be immediately recognizable as having a coke bottle shape, full breasts, curvy hips, and preferably long hair. The hollywood and model female type has pencil legs, a fairly flat chest, and no curves from her shoulders down her hips. Not my preference.
DO Smart Meters CAUSE ED, sleeplessness, Pet Deaths, Ringing in the Ears
Posted:Mar 10, 2020 10:48 am
Last Updated:Mar 11, 2020 9:11 am

OK wow new hot topic. THOSE SMART METER ELECTRIC THINGS on the side of your house:

Smart Meters have been rolled out everywhere. Something equivalent to a cell phone and or your WI FI router running continuously around the cloc There are now all kinds of medical claims, especially concerning smaller animals and pets. People are complaining of headaches, ringing in the ears, not being able sleep at night, heart arhythmia, etc.

Pets owners are claiming lameness in cats and dogs, diarrhea, pet deaths, irritability, and sleeplessness on the new electrical house system power meters... which 24 / 7 are bathing you and yours in electromagnetic radiation. Kind of like standing in front of your microwave oven in continual operation all day long. Or being on your cell phone all day.

Now, WI FI routers are also being said have equivalent pulses and power coming out of it. What we dont know is... is it all safe? A real red flag is the fact that the FCC... the US government dept that handles radio wave emissions, communications are the ones that are now worred. There is a PDF document online from the US FCC which basically says... "oops we goofed." Tell us if you are sick or have health problems because we are bathing you in MICROWAVE ENERGY around the clock merely see when and how you are using your electricity.

Oops. So when the FCC takes health and electric smart meter dangers seriously... time get out the aluminum foil and back splash the exterior of your house under and round that damned meter. Make noise. Call your state and fed senators and congressmen. I know that eating wrong and boozing a lot and being fat can eventually kill you... but thats different. That is our choices. Not goverment mandated choices affecting your castle and home for you and your loved ones, including kitty cats and puppy doggies.

Has Time Passed Dinner Contacts By ???
Posted:Mar 6, 2020 4:17 pm
Last Updated:Mar 13, 2020 1:53 pm
Well I used to really enjoy the online adult single websites. But people are so far apart on here... and my small area has a limited number of people I would want to know. You know... it's not just fuck and suck. I want disease free, thinking functioning human beings. I really hate the dic pic profiles. And the ones where the profile is NOT filled out at all... nothing about the people. Just body stats.

I need more. I need intimacy and kissing and fondling and drinking and a few date type adventures. I do not need a woman or man showing up at my front door wanting to cross the threshold and just fuck.

That is the same as a woman getting into bed and getting no foreplay at all... just getting jambed with a dick by some mindless idiot without the IQ to hold a decent conversation.

And dates are not just a chance for chicks to pick up an easy lobster dinner. Or a movie and McDonalds. It is supposed to be about people getting to know each other better. Not because you want necessarily any kind of long term relationship... but Jeeze... you are human beings with a lot more going on than just a body. There is a mind with a complex series of emotions and a spirit... you know... the being and thing you are that make you you.

So... Dinner Contacts has mechanically changed over time. Software has improved, there are more "features" to contact other people... but something is desperately missing. Something I just can't put my finger on. And I am really tired of looking at pictures and watching people from Columbia pimping for points.

I don't know. Maybe I have grown out of all this. Its not like I have had much action here in the woods. You know... people really DON'T come online and hook up. It's not a Playboy nation. Its more of a social media facebook tease and put out a one liner nation. Its hard when you narrow it down to age, sex, body weight, marriage status, disease status. Because you really do eliminate almost everybody else in an area... unless you live in New York City or Los Angeles.

And most people in my / your category are already taken. Really. A lot of people are mostly coupled up and or married already. So a large majority of an area is NOT single. So you are left with a few single candidates in an area who are more or less looking for what you are looking for. I have had some solicitations from area people... but the ones who have been doing this for years and had hundreds of partners... just gives me the creeps to think of how many germs and diseases they have passed by stepped into or gotten rid of in the last decade or two.

So am I looking for a virgin, young, vulnerable, teachable, open minded, good looking, intelligent, flexible, in shape, willing to explore and learn? Isn't everybody? Aren't we all? I mean, who IS looking for people who have had hundreds of sex partners, is over 75, hardened by time, unteachable, close minded, ugly, stupid, inflexible, out of shape, unwilling to explore or learn? Nobody that I know. And it ain't the mileage on the car. Its the condition that the car is in. How well it was taken care of and driven. It's not age per se... because there are some hot looking senior citizens. But on average, most people don't take care of their temples.

A woman with a tight vagina who is disease free is good to find at any age, height, weight, preferences, shape, etc. I am saying give me a woman with a tight vagina who is overweight and 60 years old who has some class and has been with very few men in her life over a 25 year old with a huge vagina who is in shape who has no class, smokes cigarettes, and has been with everybody in the area with a penis.

Just saying.


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